Отдых на Южном Урале

Such a mysterious and multifarious Uzbekistan

Looking over advertisements depicting various exotic countries, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Uzbekistan. But if you are acquainted with this bewitching land, you are welcome again to book tours around Uzbekistan from Peopletravel Company. Travelling to Uzbekistan is like having a trip to the land of wonders, land full of Eastern exotic, medieval legends, history and all that Uzbekistan can boast of.

Uzbekistan is a country where period of Soviet government made its mark on Uzbek history. Moreover, years of independence also ennobled Uzbekistan on a new plane. That is why Uzbekistan with its traditional Eastern culture and centuries-old history is so modern and contemporary state.

Having arrived in Tashkent you will see a city that keeping abreast of the times. Undoubtedly, there are many historical sites in Tashkent, but they are masked under up-to-date tempo of life.

For the first time having seen the grooved domes and sky-blue mosaic on the ancient walls, and with bated breath involuntarily, you will immerse in the ancient tale about the good wizards. Samarkand is a shopping center at the intersection of crossroads of the Silk Road and the major trade routes to Persia (Iran), India, and China.

Legends, stories and historical monuments of Samarkand evoke the atmosphere of past millennia. All people who visited Samarkand have the best impression. Clean air and the unique taste of water, the abundance of different fruits, flowers and huge largest plane trees and fruit trees turn Samarkand into the oasis.

Samarkand architecture of the Middle Ages is known throughout the world: the unique exterior glazed and gilded facing of ancient buildings are the distinctive mark of the city.

Going to the trip around Uzbekistan it is impossible to escape Bukhara – city-museum, where you will see more then 140 architectural monuments of the Middle Ages.

Buildings and ensembles of Bukhara played a fundamental role in formation the city and keep it up-to date. Being restored and defended, architectural monuments regained the second life, and being the integral part of the city today make its view modern and contemplative.

In the X century Bukhara became the hearth of high culture. Many scientists, writers, artists and historians worked in Bukhara. Narshakhi, Rudaki, Dakiki, Ibn Sino (Avicenna) in various aspects ennobled this city.

Tours to Bukhara will give you much cognitive, as well as plunge you into the Eastern dream.

It's hard to find a place in Uzbekistan, where Buddhist, ancient Bactrian and Islamic culture are close to each other. But Termez is such a city.

Termez is a real jewel of Uzbekistan, the city at the crossroads of civilizations. The city was repeatedly destroyed, ruined, passed from hand to hand, but it survived and now opens for tourists, developing new spaces, its hospitable eastern embrace. According to the legend, the city was founded by the legendary king Zoroaster.

Uzbekistan is a diverse land, and to see all its variety will be realizable while travelling around the country.